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Hailey from Texas



from Texas

Hailey is a sweet child who enjoys spending time at home. She likes watching movies and coloring in her spare time. Hailey enjoys riding her scooter or going swimming when she wants to be active. She also enjoys singing and dancing. Her favorite foods to eat are macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, and chicken. At times, Hailey can be shy, but she is growing her confidence and learning to do things on her own. She benefits from assistance with certain tasks, but she is continuing to learn to do tasks independently and has even been asked to help bring up the baskets at church. Hailey attends church camp and does well with these activities. Overall, she loves her new friends. Hailey likes "girl time," and she enjoys going shopping and doing her nails.

Hailey would love a family where she can receive the focus of the attention. However, she is from a large sibling group, so she is used to having other children around. Though at times, she may benefit from having some alone time. Hailey's family will be open to her continuing a relationship and phone calls with her siblings, who are not a part of this adoption. Her family will provide consistency with love and patience. She needs support in learning independence and appropriate boundaries. Her family will give her space to talk about her history and teach her to manage her behaviors.

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