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Helena from Texas



from Texas

Helena, who prefers to go by Aaron, can be shy with new people but quickly warms up and engages in conversation. He is an artistic child who enjoys drawing, sketching and is currently writing and illustrating an anime series. Aaron likes to listen to different genres of music and enjoys social media and electronics. Aaron enjoys cosplay as he is a very creative youth. He has a love for animals and large dogs. Aaron's favorite food is shrimp alfredo; he also loves big macs from Mcdonald's. Aaron enjoys being active and is interested in becoming a manager on a sports team as he has done this in the past. Aaron is doing well in school and has dreams of going to a trade school to become a mechanic. Aaron will be a great addition to a loving and caring family.

Aaron would benefit from a structured one or two-parent household. His forever family will ensure that he is able to maintain important and appropriate relationships. Aaron would like to continue living in the central Texas area. Aaron's forever family will be patient, caring and loving, and ready to help Aaron with the transition into their home.

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