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Isabel from Texas



from Texas

Isabel, who likes to be called "Bella," is a loving, generous, and happy child. Bella may come off as shy at first, but she is social and talkative once she gets to know you. She is outgoing and typically in a good mood. She is competitive, friendly, and sweet. Bella loves to interact with other children and will sometimes be overly protective towards her loved ones. She gets along well with children, and loves interacting with younger children. Bella is an affectionate child with those she feels comfortable around. She loves to have individual attention. Bella is an active child who likes to be engaged in different activities throughout the day. She enjoys running and jumping, but she also enjoys quiet things, like watching movies or TV. She really enjoys watching the Disney Channel and dancing. Bella also enjoys talking to people and telling stories. She likes to play with dolls and other toys.

Bella is very involved in her adoption process, she is excited to find and meet her forever family. She wants to feel loved, secure, and accepted. Bella will benefit from a family who is energetic and provide a structured environment. She needs consistency, patience, and love, along with regular supervision to redirect her behaviors. Bella's family will spend a lot of individual time with her and access any appropriate resources she needs. She responds best to a predictable environment and enjoys quality time with her family.

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