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Isaiah from Texas



from Texas

Isaiah is a very active little boy who loves to spend time outside, especially on the playground or in the swimming pool. Isaiah also enjoys car rides and looking out the window in whatever setting he is in. He becomes excited when he sees the school bus, big trucks, or trains. Isaiah enjoys listening to music and watching television, especially PBS Kids shows. Isaiah loves animals. He highly prefers his iPad and is very entertained by music that teaches and sings about animals counting and saying the alphabet. Isaiah is child diagnosed with autism. He is an ambulatory, mobile, and functioning non-verbal child. Isaiah communicates primarily through facial expressions, body language, limited sign language and occasional use of high-tech communication devices. Isaiah responds well to positive praises and rewards, including fruit snacks and his iPad.

Isaiah's forever family will be a patient and loving family. His family home will be a structured and stable environment. His family will be a positive family who will reassure him that he is safe, stable, loved, and spend one-on-one time with him. This will help establish a new foundation for success for Isaiah. Isaiah's family will commit to providing him a safe place to express himself and grow developmentally, in an environment where he can continue to reach his goals.

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