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Ishmael from Texas



from Texas

Ishmael is a caring and inquisitive child who craves attention. He enjoys playing games and is eager to get involved in sports. Ishmael has all the attributes to become the most valuable player in basketball, as he has skills on the court. He has a high level of respect for those around him and gets along well with his peers. Ishmael tends to be a little goofy sometimes and enjoys making others laugh. He values personal relationships. Ishmael has a curiosity about the world and animals. He likes watching the latest video of animals in the wild. He likes animals and hopes to have a dog of my own. Ishmael's dream for the future is to join the military, specifically the Army. He picked the Army branch because he wants to hit the ground and get it done. Ishmael values being honest, taking accountability, and respect.

Ishmael's forever family will provide a structured home and offer consistency. His family will create and maintain positive relationships, explaining reasons behind rules, enforcing rules and giving consequences, all while considering his feelings. Ishmael would like his family to be animal lovers, very active and outgoing, with a great sense of humor. His parents will demonstrate patience as he adjusts to his new family environment. Ishmael would benefit from a family active in the community, i.e., sports/church etc. Ishmael wants to join the army, so a military family would be great because Ishmael needs structure, consistency, and discipline. Ishmael states he would like a family that has animals. Homes within the TX area are preferred. Ishmael would like to be a part of a family that looks like him in appearance and, more importantly, values.

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