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Ivan from Texas



from Texas

=Get excited, it's time to meet Ivan! Ivan is a talkative, energetic, and outgoing boy who loves his cowboy boots and his toy trucks and cars. He enjoys singing and loves having the opportunity to burn off energy. Ivan loves to tell you stories and really enjoys individual attention from adults. He also enjoys playing outside and going on new adventures. Ivan also enjoys playing games or watching movies. Ivan is assertive and likes to have room to advocate for himself. He likes to know what is coming next for him and taking the time to explain things is very helpful to him. Ivan benefits from extra attention in school but does well in a structured environment and responds well to learning. He is very close to his sisters and he likes to know what is going on with them and wants to be with them. Ivan is very athletic and will benefit from being involved in organized activities that help him build social skills.

Please meet Ivan, Elisabeth, and Heidi! These three are an energetic and fun-loving set of siblings who are looking for their forever family. Ivan loves to sing, play outside, and all things cars. Elisabeth loves to be organized and all things "girly." Heidi is a sweet and loving child who does great with her peers. Heidi and Elisabeth love to play dress-up, and they love mermaids and unicorns. Ivan loves to wear his cowboy boots and to talk. All three children like to be outside and are very active. Elisabeth is the middle child but loves to be the responsible one who takes lead. All three children do best a in a structured environment and like to know what is coming next. Ivan, Elisabeth, and Heidi enjoy going on group outings together to the park or to organized events. Ivan, Elisabeth, and Heidi look forward to joining their forever family together!

Ivan's forever family will understand his need to be close to his sisters and have a relationship with them. His family will support his need to ask questions and to know what is coming next. Ivan will thrive in a home with a father who wants to spend quality time with him, play outside, and play with cars. Ivan will benefit from a mother who will help him feel safe, have structure, and provide plenty of love and affection for him.

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