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Ivan from Texas



from Texas

Ivan is a talkative, energetic, and outgoing boy who loves his cowboy boots, toy trucks, cars, and paper airplanes. Ivan especially loves anything and everything cowboy related! He enjoys singing and loves having any opportunity to have fun! Ivan loves to share his stories of his fishing and how he loves to hunt. He also enjoys playing outside and going on new adventures. Ivan enjoys riding his bike and playing sports as he is very athletic. He also enjoys playing games or watching movies. Ivan is assertive and likes to have room to advocate for himself. He is a carefree boy and has a fun side. He does well with other children his age. Ivan will be a wonderful addition to a loving forever family.

Ivan's forever family will be structured and predictable but also patient, understanding, and willing to build trusting relationships. His family will support his need to ask questions and to know what is coming next. Ivan will thrive in a home with a father who wants to spend quality time with him, play outside, and play with cars. Ivan will benefit from a mother who will help him feel safe, have structure, and provide plenty of love and affection.

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