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Ja'christian from Texas



from Texas

Ja'Christian is a very active and outgoing little boy who loves to play sports of every kind! He enjoys playing football with his friends at daycare most of all. He likes riding his bike and scooter outside, going to the park, and playing with the dog at his foster family's home. Some other favorite things Ja'Christian likes are watching TV, doing magic, playing games, and playing video and computer games. Ja'Christian is interested in balls, dinosaurs, soccer, and basketball. Making silly jokes and telling knock-knock jokes make him laugh and have fun. When asked what he would wish for if he could wish for anything, Ja'Christian said he would wish for a mom, dad, and dog. His favorite foods are pizza, chicken nuggets, and fries.

Ja'Christian would best benefit from a family who is patient and understanding. He would do well with a family with clear rules and consequences that would empower Ja'Christian to develop into his full potential as a healthy, well-rounded person. His forever family would serve him best by supporting his interests and building on his strengths.

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