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Jaelyn from Texas



from Texas

Jaelyn is a kindhearted child who does well with children of all ages. She likes to cook and decorate cakes and cookies for special occasions. She does well by herself or in a social setting. Jaelyn stated she likes to go to church. She likes to listen to music when she wants to relax. Jaelyn enjoys playing outdoors, riding her bike or skating, swimming, volleyball, and soccer. Jaelyn shared that she likes to go shopping also. She is not a picky eater and likes vegetables if they are not Brussels sprouts. Jaelyn stated that her favorite foods are pizza, chicken tenders/nuggets, fettuccini, and spaghetti. In her downtime, she likes to color, watch TV or movies, word search books and is learning to play the card game Solitaire. Jaelyn is a bright, friendly, loveable, caring child who can be outgoing.

Jaelyn's beliefs and religion are essential to her. She would like a traditional family who will attend church regularly with her. Jaelyn would do well with other children but would prefer the children in the home to be younger than her. Jaelyn would do well in a suburban area. Jaelyn's forever family will meet her needs and love her unconditionally.

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