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Jaheim from Texas



from Texas

Jaheim is a lively and an energetic child! He is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Jaheim does well with verbal prompts, consistency, and a stable environment. He can be very active and always requires consistent supervision. He is a strong child. Jaheim's speech and vocabulary continue to increase, and he can pronounce certain words and repeat them. He enjoys participating in speech therapy, as well as play therapy. Jaheim is a burst of energy, he's loving, and has an impulsive nature. He also has a healthy appetite; he loves fried foods and foods that are well seasoned. Some of his favorite foods are hamburgers, pizza, and fruit, especially apples. Jaheim plays well with other children but is also quite content playing on his own. He enjoys watching videos and playing with toys. Jahiem loves going on outings and helping with household chores.

Jaheim will thrive in a loving, structured, and nurturing home environment. He will do well with two-parents or single parent family. Jaheim is comfortable with a family of siblings of any age. He will require appropriate supervision and a patient family. It will be beneficial for him to participate in extracurricular activities. His family will ensure he has the resources needed educationally and socially. Jaheim's family will nourish his personal growth.

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