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Jalina from Texas



from Texas

Jalina is an outspoken and energetic youth who prefers to be addressed as Xavier. He has made many friends, and he gets along easily with his caregivers and friends. Xavier enjoys listening to music while walking around or playing sports such as basketball and football. He also enjoys going on outings, such as to the movies and theme parks. Xavier likes to hang out with his friends and doing things most teenagers typically enjoy. He also likes to visit local restaurants and shopping malls. Friendship and family are very important to him and maintaining contact with his friends and his older brother is essential to him. He is well behaved and well mannered. Xavier will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family!

Xavier's forever family will accept him for who he is and make him feel comfortable and accepted in his home. Xavier will let caregivers know if he needs anything. His ideal family has a big backyard where he can enjoy the sunset in the company of the family perhaps having some of his siblings visit occasionally. He likes to spend time outdoors and visiting local restaurants and shopping malls and would like someone in the forever family to encourage or share his interest in sneaker collection.

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