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Jalina from Texas



from Texas

Jalina is an outspoken and energetic girl. She has made many friends and gets along easily with her caregivers and her friends. Jalina will let her caregivers know if she is in need of anything. She has a very close relationship with her brother and they have a good, loving relationship. Jalina looks forward to finding her forever family with her brother. She enjoys listening to music while walking around. She also enjoys going on outings, to the movies, watching movies, and going to theme parks. Friendship is very important to Jalina and maintaining contact with her friends around her is essential to her.

Jesus and Jalina are a spirited and energetic group! They enjoy watching movies and hanging out with each other at home. The pair enjoy going on outings together and going to theme parks. These siblings also enjoy doing things as a family as well as having alone time in their rooms. They are loving and active children who want to find their "Forever Family!" These two show love towards one another and are eager to go to new places. At times, they may separate themselves from each other when they want alone time, but they do look to each other for support and protection. Jesus and Jalina both love outdoor activities and sports, as well as enjoy staying home and relaxing. Visit us at the Bluebonnet Country Heart Gallery.

Jalina is interested in family who will accept her for who she is and make her feel comfortable in her home. Her ideal family has a big backyard where she and her brother can enjoy the sunset in the company of their family. Maintaining communication with her younger siblings is very important for Jalina and it is essential her forever family continue supporting her connection with her extended family. She likes to spend time outdoors and visiting local restaurants and shopping malls.

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