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Jamya from Texas



from Texas

Jamya is an energetic, spunky youth with a great smile! She also has a very sweet and thoughtful personality as well. Jamya is quick to tell those who know her well she is not a "girly-girl." She enjoys basketball, football, and all things outdoors. Jamya says she wouldn't mind playing football when she gets older on a girls' team. Jamya takes pride in the fact that she can compete with boys and girls in sports. Don't be fooled by her athleticism, Jamya does like to wear earrings and hang with the girls too. She will tell you she doesn't like "frilly" dresses, but she likes small earrings and she loves having her hair styled. Her favorite foods are chicken, hamburgers, and soul food. Jamya is optimistic about what her future holds!

Jamya would like a two-parent family who has another child in the home, possibly with at least one other child for her to play with. Jamya wants to live in a house with a yard and a pet. She also states it would be nice if the family had a pool as well.

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