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Janetta from Texas



from Texas

Janetta has a big personality with high self-esteem. She is assertive and open with others about her likes and dislikes. She is very straightforward and at her best when being creative. Janetta's strengths consist of being respectful, determined, loveable and loving. Her interests are traveling, swimming, and riding horses. She is pleased when she is learning and singing. Janetta is unsure what she would like to be when she grows up but would like to attend college. She is uncertain if she will attend college in-state or out-of-state. Janetta is enjoying high school and learning a lot about treating others how she would like to be treated. She is working hard to better herself. Janetta likes to connect with others by doing activities and learning their likes as well as them learning from her. Janetta enjoys expressing herself through art and writing. Janetta shares her thoughts through her artistry.

Janetta's forever family will be open-minded and understanding. Her family will love traveling and love being on the go. Her family will love talking and doing family activities with Janetta. The most important thing for Janetta is being able to maintain positive relationships while also building a connection with her adoptive family.

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