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Javant from Texas



from Texas

Javant is full of energy. He has a hard time channeling his energy into learning. Javant enjoys playing with things that spin and find them quite entertaining. Javant prefers to play alone but has the ability to interact with other children his age. Javant struggles to understand the world around him and oftentimes gets frustrated. Although he is not too interested in toys, he loves to play with shoes and shoe laces. Javant enjoys the sounds of music and is very talented at "beat box". Javant likes to wake up super early in the morning. He needs a caregiver who can monitor him constantly throughout the day when not at school. Javant does well with structure and consistency. He requires frequent prompts and redirection. Javant is nonverbal and needs ongoing assistance to help him improve in this area.

Javant's family will offer patience and consistency. He will do best with experienced parents who can commit to his needs. Parents who have experience with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It will be beneficial for Javant to maintain contact with his brother. The family for Javant will also have unconditional love and persistence. His forever family will encourage him to strive in life and ensure he is cared for through his adult life. Javant's family will devote a lot of time to this sweet boy and constant unsupervised.

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