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Jayden from Texas



from Texas

Jayden is an energetic youngster who loves to sing, strum the guitar & play with the piano! He is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, which affects his verbal communication. His speech has shown improvement, and his vocabulary is building every day. He is now able to ask for things using complete sentences. Jayden's favorite activity is singing, and he loves to help make snacks in the kitchen. Singing helps him learn new words and lets Jayden build connections and attachments with others. Jayden enjoys reading, drawing, and playing with toy cars and trucks. He also enjoys putting together puzzles. Jayden loves going to school, arts and crafts and horse therapy. His favorite shows are PBS kids and Sesame Street, and he is particularly fond of Elmo. He also likes the Magic School bus. Jayden is very friendly with other children and adults. He loves to greet new people.

Jayden's forever family will be compassionate and committed. They will already have an understanding or be willing to learn how to help young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Jayden's family will also be excited to sing along to his favorite songs. His family will respect his limitations, but also be willing to push Jayden to his fullest potential. His parents will be able to spend independent time with him while he builds trust with them and while they learn his communication style. His family will locate and utilize resources that will help him grow and thrive. Jayden's family will offer unconditional love and support for him. They will be reassuring and encouraging to him which will lead to growth and development within the family.

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