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Jayden from Texas



from Texas

Jayden is a very bright and outgoing youth who enjoys playing basketball and football, as well as playing video games. He is intelligent and well-spoken. He really enjoys listening to rap music, and his favorite artist is J Cole. He likes writing, as he writes his own rap lyrics and enjoys journaling his feelings. His dream is to one day attend trade school and get his commercial driver's license and become a long-haul trucker. Jayden does well in school and his favorite subjects are Science and Language Arts. Jayden wants to work for Chick-Fil-A, as that is his favorite restaurant to eat at. Jayden also likes to be helpful around the home. He has a great sense of style, as he likes to go shopping for sneakers and likes to keep his clothes and shoes clean and tidy. Jayden is talkative and makes friends in school easily. He has a great sense of humor, makes his peers laugh and loves to joke around and have fun.

Jayden will do best in a two-parent household that is patient and understanding and will love him unconditionally. He likes animals and will do well with a family that has pets. He will thrive in a family that has clear expectations and good structure and explains to him what is happening and why. Jayden would also do best if he is the youngest child in the home.

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