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Jeffrey from Texas



from Texas

Jeffrey is easygoing child. He loves to be around people and be included in activities. Jeffrey has a very curious personality and wants to learn new things. He is outgoing and he is always keeping himself entertained with toys around him. Jeffrey loves being outside and playing with his dogs. He listens well to adults, and follows directions. Jeffrey loves to play with toy animals, especially elephants. He is eager to learn how to write, and has recently learned how to write his name. Jeffrey loves to color and draw. He loves to eat and is not a picky eater. Jeffrey loves to be in the kitchen. Jeffrey loves to be around people and loves to make people laugh and smile.

Jeffrey will do well in a two-parent home where he receives the attention and love he deserves. His parents will be patient and teach him new things to help his knowledge expand. Jeffrey needs active parents who are fun and expose him to fun environments. He will benefit from an active, warm family who will foster his curiosity and not be overwhelmed by his energy. Jeffrey needs structure and patience in his new home. Jeffrey will benefit from a lot of supervision by his caregivers.

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