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Jenisecia from Texas



from Texas

Jenisecia has a helpful and loving heart with a somewhat quirky spirit. She enjoys cooking, playing with her dolls, and playing games in a family environment. Jenisecia has a creative mind and she loves crafty projects. She likes to be the leader in situations, which sometimes leads to her making hasty decisions. Jenisecia has the natural tendency to take charge of situations, which at times, can make it more difficult for her to engage constructively with same age female peers in groups. At times, Jenisecia can be impulsive in her actions, but with support, she is learning to utilize methods that help her reflect and redirect with positivity.

Jenisecia will need a family who is patient by nature, loving, and committed to ensuring her security. Her ideal family will keep her involved in extra-curricular activities and provide opportunities for social and educational enrichment. Jenisecia's family will continue any recommended supportive services to ensure healing and restoration takes place. The ideal family will be encouraging and provide quality attention to Jenisecia.

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