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Jennifer from Texas



from Texas

Jennifer is a happy, bubbly, independent young girl who likes to stay busy. She enjoys socializing and is easy to talk to. At first, she can be shy and quiet but talkative and adoring once she gets comfortable. Jennifer engages in conversations that she can relate to. Jennifer does better in smaller group settings. She also enjoys art, which includes painting, drawing, and dancing. Jennifer likes participating in activities such as Chapel, outings, and talent shows. Jennifer is drawn to the outdoors and likes to walk for reflection time or listen to music as she sits on the patio. She is excellent with others who are positive and like to have fun. Jennifer will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Jennifer's forever family will support and understand her emotional and social needs. Her family will be patient, positive, and happy. Jennifer needs a family with good stability and who will have a daily routine for Jennifer. Her family will be always involved with her and encouraging of her to try new things that may interest her. Her family will have a great sense of humor and enjoy spending quality time together. An ideal family will have less children as she likes all the attention from the family. Her family will guide her with her education decisions and educational plans for the future. Jennifer's wish is that her family be traditional and consist of a mother and a father.

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