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Jennifer from Texas



from Texas

Jennifer is a happy female that likes to stay busy. She is shy and quiet, until she is comfortable with others. When she is comfortable, she is easy to talk to and she engages well in conversation . She is calm and has patience with others. Jennifer engages in conversations that she can relate to. She spends a lot of her time doing art work that includes painting and drawing. She also likes to be involved in activities at her placement that include being outdoor and indoor. Jennifer loves talking to her sister, Maria on face time or just a visit. She is great with others that are positive and like to have fun and being happy. Jennifer has learned to be independent and to adjust to others around her. She will be a great addition to a loving and nurturing forever family.

Jennifer's forever family will support and understand her emotional and social needs. Her family will be positive and happy. Her forever family will be stable and have a daily routine for Jennifer. Her family will be involved with her at all times. Her family will have a great sense of humor. Her family will have less children as she likes all the attention from the family. Her family will guide her with her education decisions and education plans for the future. Jennifer would like her family to be traditional and consist of a mother and a father.

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