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Jeremiah from Texas



from Texas

Jeremiah is a very loving, inquisitive yet active boy. He likes to be involved in activities and out in the fresh air. He loves to play with his video games and action figures. He enjoys sports and likes to free play with others. With patience and understanding, he can be redirected, and does well once he has time to process his actions. He can be quiet sometimes, but once he is comfortable, he will flourish. Jeremiah loves to be encouraged and motivated as it helps him focus and build confidence. Educationally, he is open to help and learning his classwork. He is a young boy, who thrives off of continuous love and positive redirection. He likes to be challenged when involved in activities which can be beneficial. He enjoys going out and participating in events. He works very well in a structured environment with a positive support system.

Jeremiah's forever family will provide a stable, well structured home environment. He wishes to have a home that is nurturing and loving so that she can flourish. His family will be is patient, understanding and committed to his therapeutic interventions. He would like a persevering and loving family that can give him the stability he needs. Jeremiah really needs a family that can encourage him because he needs positive reinforcement. He responds to redirection but requires a family that will give him time to gather himself and think through his decisions. Jeremiah can flourish in a home where he is able to express himself and be truly a part of a family unit. The family must be consistent and compassionate towards Jeremiah as he needs time to adjust to his new surroundings. An unwavering and dependable family will work wonders for him.

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