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Jeremy from Texas



from Texas

Jeremy is an artistic, active, and social boy. He loves to sing gospel music with his caregivers and brother. Jeremy likes to display his artistic talents by coloring and painting. He enjoys playing alone or with small group of friends. Jeremy is social, he likes meeting new people and is very easy to talk to. He has a curious personality, and likes to discover new things on his own and asks questions to learn more about his environment. He likes to play sports outside with his brother and friends. While indoors, Jeremy likes to keep busy by playing with toys, Legos, or watching TV.

Jeremy and Ricky are both very active children who love to travel. They enjoy playing sports outside together. The brothers like to attend church and sing gospel songs. Jeremy is a social child who likes to inquire about his surroundings. Ricky is slow-to-warm at first, but is sweet and friendly. When they are not outside, the brothers like to play with cars, Legos, and watch TV. Jeremy is the older and more social of the brothers, therefore he tends to be the leader. Ricky looks up to his brother, and at times, needs to be reminded to have his own opinion. They are very close and play well with each other, though need time apart occasionally. Visit us at the Bluebonnet Country Heart Gallery.

Jeremy will benefit from a stable and structured home. His family will provide positive reinforcement and redirection. He will benefit from an active family who can support his creative and active self. It is recommended that the children in the home be older or Jeremy and his brother be the only children in the home.

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