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Jeremy from Texas



from Texas

Jeremy enjoys playing outside sports; his favorite sports are basketball and football. His favorite superhero is Batman. He likes to color, draw, listen to music, hang out with friends, dress nicely and likes being well-groomed. He enjoys listening to and singing gospel songs. He is a very friendly child and plays with other children well. Jeremy thrives on structure and a lot of redirection, as he get distracted easily at times. He benefits from reminders and prompts to get back on tasks to focus. He is a very outgoing child and enjoys meeting new people. Jeremy enjoys spicy food and trying new things. He likes the outdoors, is interested in learning martial arts, and loves playing sports. Overall, Jeremy is a very sweet child and enjoys being affectionate.

Jeremy's forever family will be loving and caring. He would love to have siblings. He would love a home that has animals and he is fine with being in the country or city. His family will provide guidance and a structured home environment.

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