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Jeshaiah from Texas



from Texas

Jeshaiah is an outgoing, sociable person and is not afraid to start a conversation in large groups. He is great at meeting new people and can talk for hours about various topics. He takes pride in his appearance and likes to be up to date with all the latest fashions. Jeshaiah's most favorite things are shoes and enjoys make-up as well. He is very interested in becoming an airline flight attendant so that he may travel the world. He is also interested in creating his own line of luggage and luggage accessories. He likes to also stay very involved in Church activities and was apart of the church choir as well. He is a very outspoken, yet loyal friend. He despises bullying and hurtful jokes. Jeshaiah is an articulate person and is able to express himself well, yet isn't afraid to ask for help or guidance.

Jeshaiah's forever family will be loving, nurturing, and educate him as he develops into adulthood. He has many goals and plans, and guidance will be beneficial. Jeshaiah isn't afraid to try new things or meet people from other regions. He finds it exciting to learn about other cultures and to be respectful. Jeshaiah is honest about his fears and not being accepted is number one on his list. His forever family will be open and understanding of his dilemmas in society. Jeshaiah does not mind having older siblings. His family will enjoy traveling and going on outings together.

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