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Jesus from Texas



from Texas

Jesus is a happy and shy youth who enjoys playing with action figures. He loves being active and playing dodgeball, basketball, and soccer with his friends. Jesus is shy when you first meet him, but he will start opening up when he feels comfortable. He can tell you the things he likes and the things he does not like. Jesus loves animals, especially dogs. He enjoys watching YouTube videos, Superhero Movies, and the Power Rangers in his free time at home. He is self-sufficient, very organized, and likes to have his room neat and clean. Jesus' favorite food is pizza; he also likes eating burgers and Chinese food, and his favorite is orange chicken and fried rice. He enjoys listening to music and dancing, and his favorite song is Scooby Doo Pa Pa.

Jesus' forever family will be consistent, structured and offer positive reinforcements and redirection. His family will be loving and patient with him. Jesus is open to the idea of a mother and a father as parents. He gets along with others, especially those who are older than him. Jesus is open to a family that has older children or the same age as him. He has shown to be very respectful towards adults and caregivers. Jesus prefers a family that lives in Texas.

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