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Joel from Texas



from Texas

Joel is an energetic, outgoing, likable and charming child. When you first meet him, he is timid and reserved, but he will start to open up when he gets comfortable. Joel loves sports and especially enjoys playing basketball and football. He also enjoys watching and talking about sports. Joel likes spending time outdoors, camping, going to parks, and riding his bike. He likes to be funny by telling jokes and doing funny pranks. Joel also enjoys playing video games and hanging out with friends. He likes trying new activities and, most recently, has started cooking. Joel enjoys writing, drawing and painting. He likes to create things and enjoys all things science. He has participated in classes about coding, and he enjoyed it.

Joel's forever family will be one that is supportive of his desire to play sports. His family will also be understanding. Joel would like a two-parent home but has said he is open to different types of families. His forever family will be loving and supportive of his needs. Joel really wants to be part of a family to share his own uniqueness.

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