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Johanna from Texas



from Texas

Johanna is a smart young girl, who enjoys being the center of attention! She enjoys acting, dancing, and singing. Johanna also enjoys her stuffed animals, and she has a big collection. She likes working on arts and crafts or drawing. Johanna does well in school. Her favorite classes in school are music, art, and math. Johanna's favorite foods are pizza, lasagna, and Mexican food. Johanna is continuing to work on her coping skills and learning how to express herself in a healthy manner. Johanna has stated that she wants a forever family who will love her and teach her new things.

Johanna will best benefit from a family who is familiar with trauma therapy, Johanna will require redirection and structure. She is be best suited with a family who can offer structure. Johanna has shown consistent progress and needs a family who will be there unconditionally. She needs role models to learn how to interact with peers in a positive manner. Johanna needs a family to provide supervision, praise, and encouragement. She needs a family who will love her unconditionally and be committed to all of her needs. Johanna would do well if she was to be an only child in the home.

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