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John from Texas



from Texas

John is an energetic child with a fun personality. He is very friendly child who enjoys talking to people. He opens up easily and loves making new friends. John likes playing and has a very active imagination. Anyone who knows John knows he is a smart kid! He does well in school and enjoys learning. John is excited to be attending middle school soon. He loves superheroes! His favorite superhero is Spider-Man. John does well with all animals and enjoys being around them. He wants to feel safe and wanted, he likes being shown affection by having someone sit and talk with him. John is a very sweet child and he has many wonderful traits to share with his forever family.

John will do well with a family who offers structure, patience, and nurture. He desires to feel secure and loved. His family will provide him with a stable and structured household. John's family will spend individual time with him. He will benefit from a family who enjoys his energetic personality and provides him with opportunities to channel his energy. John will do best in a family where he is either the only child or the youngest child. Most importantly, his family will show him unconditional love.

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