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John from Texas



from Texas

John is an intelligent pre-teen whose favorite past time is playing video games; he will play video games all day long if he can. He also enjoys being outdoors as he likes to explore and enjoys the sun on his face and the fresh air. John enjoys running and is quite the fast runner! John tends to be quiet and more reserved; however, he does love to have conversations and be the center of attention with people that he knows. John is a morning person, and he enjoys conversating with people in the morning as that is his favorite part of the day. He is an early riser and likes to get an early start to his day. John is friendly and gets along well with children his own age. He also likes to be helpful and enjoys lending a helping hand. He is very observant and pays attention to everything that goes on around him. John will be a wonderful addition to a loving forever family.

John would like to be part of a family in which he is the youngest child. He will thrive in a home with a masculine role model or father figure, while having the comfort of a mother figure. His forever family will provide him with routines, structure, and boundaries. John would like a family that enjoys spending time together both inside as well as outside.

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