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Jordan Jacob from Texas

Jordan Jacob

Jordan Jacob

from Texas

Jordan is a sweet, energetic, intelligent and polite young boy. He loves to play video games and his small arcade game system. He would love to play games at a retro arcade shop. Jordan also enjoys playing games video games and along with board games. He enjoys watching movies and going to the movie theatre. Jordan also enjoys watching movies at home with popcorn. He enjoys going on outings, especially to theme parks and new places. Jordan loves to spend time outdoors riding his bike, going for walks, and playing sports. He loves to be outside and will play soccer, baseball, and basketball all day. He would love to be able to play on a sports team in his free time. Jordan gets along well with other children and enjoys playing with them. Jordan likes school, especially PE, where he can play sports and enjoys lunchtime to hang out with his friends.

Marcos and Jordan get along well. Marcos is protective of his brother and often plays with him as they have similar interests in basketball and computer games. Marcos sometimes needs his own space, and Jordan will keep his distance until he sees his brother is ready to speak again. They care for one another and would not like to be separated. They both love spending time with their caregivers and enjoy most activities they can do as a family together. Marcos enjoys playing computer and video games and enjoys playing basketball as well. Jordan also enjoys playing video games but likes being outdoors more. He will play soccer, baseball and basketball. He hopes to play team sports. Jordan enjoys doing activities with his brother and peers his age and doing things as a family.

Jordan would do best in a two-parent home. Jordan thrives on routines, and he would most benefit from a family that likes to spend time both indoors and outdoors and likes to listen to him speak about his day. Jordan would benefit from a family with set routines and structure that will attend his school sporting events and help him continue improving academically. He has sisters who are not apart of this recruitment. He maintains a positive connection with his sisters when visiting them. Jordan is attentive to the needs of his siblings, and it shows just how sweet he is when he shares his snacks or drinks.

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