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Joshua from Texas



from Texas

Joshua has a silly, kind, and outgoing personality. He enjoys being very active both indoors and outdoors. Josh especially loves to play soccer. He is energetic and creative! Josh likes to build things and learn about the world around him. Josh does very well in school, though he benefits from additional assistance with reading and writing. He can be shy at first, but once he gets to know someone, he has made a friend for life. Josh is very affectionate and like to be near others. Once he warms to you, which is quick, he will want to remain by your side. Josh longs for a family who will love him and keep him safe.

Josh will benefit from a two-parent home. He will need parents who will give him a lot of time, attention, and energy. His family will have a consistent and structured parenting style and can persevere with helping Josh grow. Josh will do best in a home with either no children or older children. He would like to have a sibling he can look up to. Josh will thrive in a family who sets and maintains boundaries in a nurturing and loving way.

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