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Joshua from Texas



from Texas

Joshua is a ball of energy in a precious package. As he has begun his healing process, he has developed a sense of humor and enjoys playing pranks on people. He does really well when he is involved in outdoor activities where he can use a lot of energy. His indoor interests includes music and musical instruments, playing with Legos and coloring. He also enjoys playing with cars and trucks. He thrives when adults are able to join with him in his interests and this helps him build a connection and feelings of trust. He likes superheroes and his favorite superhero is Batman. He enjoys going to church and loves Children's Church. He benefits from extra support in school. Joshua responds best when he has built a good connection his caregivers and is a sweet, loving little boy.

Joshua wants to be part of a family. His forever family will provide structure in a loving manner. He needs parents that are able to model healthy relationships, provide him with unconditional positive regard and consistently attune to his emotional and basic needs. He needs a family that can understand his history and help him heal from his early childhood experiences that can help him learn to tailor his emotional responses. His forever family will focus on his emotional need for attachment and soothing. He needs a family that is able to set aside time daily to enter his world and engage with him in his interests. The stronger the bond he can build with parents, the more likely he is able to feel safe. Joshua will also need a family that will be able to understand his tenacity and will be able to work with his energetic personality.

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