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Josiah from Texas



from Texas

Josiah is a typical, active teenage boy. In his free time, he enjoys lifting weights, exercising, playing basketball, football and participating in other sports. He also likes playing video games with zombies and talking about cars. He enjoys a playful competitive game of chess or other board games. In the summer, Josiah enjoys spending time outdoors swimming. He is a sweet and playful youth who likes to play jokes on other people. Josiah states that he has a great sense of humor, and everything makes him laugh. He is resilient and has a positive outlook on his future. He enjoys socializing with his peers and adults. Some of his favorite foods to eat are hamburgers, pizza and chicken. Josiah would be a wonderful addition to a loving family.

Josiah's forever family will be one who is able to provide age-appropriate supervision. Josiah prefers male caregivers. He does extremely well with male role models who are dedicated to seeing him learn and grow into a productive adult. He would do best in a home where he is either the only child or the youngest. Josiah has both older and younger siblings that he has a close bond with, and he wants to continue to have contact. Josiah asks that the potential family be willing and allow continued contact and connections with his siblings. He will thrive in a family who is very active, loves the outdoors, and keeps a busy schedule. Josiah will benefit from a home with a consistent and structured environment.

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