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Juhstyce from Texas



from Texas

Juhstyce is a talented, radiant, and joyful child. Juhstyce appears shy when you initially meet her; however, once she is comfortable, she allows herself to open up and show her kind and outgoing personality. Juhstyce also has a caring and generous heart. She has a wish to feed the homeless. Juhstyce is a smart child who loves going to school and learning new things. Her favorite subjects are History and Math. Juhstyce loves to listen to music, paint, draw, braid hair, watch television, and play with her LOL and Rainbow High dolls. Juhstyce gets along well with her peers. Her favorite foods are pizza, pizza rolls, Chick-Fil-A, and spaghetti. Juhstyce loves playing with all animals, with her favorite animal being dogs. Juhstyce is ready to be adopted and receive unconditional love from her forever family!

Juhstyce's forever family will be a loving, honest, and supportive family who will be committed to her. She will flourish in either a single parent or two parent household. Juhstyce would love to be the only child in the home. Juhstyce does well in structured home environments where caregivers are nurturing and give gentle reminders. Her family will encourage her in a positive manner. Her family will be an understanding and resourceful family that will keep her connected to supports should a need arise. Her family will be patient and assist her with adjusting to each family member. Juhstyce will thrive in a home where the family takes interest and supports her desire to participate in extracurricular activities. Her family will be open to helping her build trust and self-confidence. Her family will also be supportive of her maintaining communication with her siblings.

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