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Julian from Texas



from Texas

Julian is a happy and energetic boy. He is helpful in many aspects. He likes helping his peers and help setting the table for dinner. He enjoys getting praises when he is done completing a task. Julian is a nice boy who is affectionate and loves to engage in play and activities with his peers. He enjoys playing games, outdoor activities such as swimming and playing on the swings, as drawing. He is outgoing, funny, and charming too. He is proud of his ability to build toys with little help from others. He laughs easily, and he is typically smiling and happy. He is eager to learn and will follow through with word or color games. Julian will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Julian's forever home will help him with his challenges as he thrives to move forward with independent skills. His caregiver will meet his therapeutic and physical needs. Julian's caregiver will have the patience to guide him through the appropriate life skills to be as successful as possible. His family will provide routine, consistency, and loving support to ensure him that he will be fine.

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