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Jurney from Texas



from Texas

Jurney is a friendly young girl who enjoys meeting new people. She is very smart, outgoing and outspoken. She is very energetic and has warm charisma. She is very fond of unicorns and ponies; her favorite color is pink. She enjoys singing and dancing. She enjoys watching television and playing with electronics. Jurney enjoys listening to music and helping around the house. She also likes to spend time outdoors playing with other children her age and going on outings. She enjoys going to parks and riding her bike. She does well in school and with peers; her favorite subject is reading. She is able to express herself, and her wants. Jurney is working on her moral and social values, such as honesty, caring for others and making good choices. She is looking forward to being a part of her own family so that she can love and be loved.

Jurney will do best with a two-parent family. An active family would be ideal. While Jurney does well with other children, she desires individual attention and will do best with fewer children in the home. Her family will like to be outdoors because she loves to go to the park and swing. Jurney thrives well in a nurturing, supportive environment and behavioral limits.

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