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Justin from Texas



from Texas

Justin is a very quiet child who takes his time opening up to people. He is currently enjoying being a part of the band. He hopes to play football next year on the junior high team. His favorite football team is the Denver Broncos. Justin is a smart child, he benefits from individual attention. For fun, Justin likes going to the park and going swimming in the summer. He also enjoys staying inside and playing video games. He can get competitive. He is still learning what it means to "just be a kid." Justin has never been the center of attention and deserves to be! Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the High Plains.

Justin's family will be consistent and honest. He needs time to develop trust with his forever family. His family will provide him time and room to make those bonds. Justin's ideal family will advocate for him and be his biggest fan. They will encourage him to let loose and be silly. Justin needs individual attention to reinforce that he is special and very much wanted. He will benefit from lots of love and affection. He will do best in a home which is very patient and will give Justin time to adjust to the home. Justin will need parents who will reinforce his role is being a kid. Justin wishes to have a family that has an X-Box or PlayStation He shares a close bond with his siblings, who are not part of this adoption, and would like to maintain contact with them.

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