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Justin from Texas



from Texas

Justin is a very quiet child who prefers to take in his surroundings before allowing others into his life. Some may see this as Justin being shy, but he is a loving and vivacious kid! He has a zest for life and enjoys being a part of the band at his junior high. Justin also thrives on the field or when a ball is in his hands. His favorite football team is the Denver Broncos, but he enjoys watching any team play. Because of his love of sports, Justin can get competitive. Justin is an intelligent child who takes his time learning new things. Justin will benefit more in his learning when given individual attention to ask questions without fear. For fun, he likes going to the park, tossing a ball, being in his thoughts on the swing and swimming in the summertime. He also enjoys staying inside and playing video games.

Justin's family will be consistent and honest. He needs time to develop trust with his forever family. His family will provide him time and room to make those bonds. Justin's ideal family will advocate for him and be his biggest fan. They will encourage him to let loose and be silly. Justin needs individual attention to reinforce that he is special wanted. He will benefit from lots of love and affection. He will do best in a family who provide patience and will give Justin time to adjust to the home. Justin's family will reinforce his role of being a kid. Justin wishes to have a family who enjoy video games. He is open to siblings and just wants a place to call home!

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