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Kaitlyn from Texas



from Texas

Kaitlyn is an outgoing youth with a beautiful heat. She is smart, kind, and loves watching movies. She really enjoys shopping, cooking, watching movies and riding her bike. Kaitlyn aspires to be a teacher one day. She also enjoys animal shows and loves chicken fingers, pizza and spaghetti. Kaitlyn likes doing all types of volunteer work in the community such as helping at the local food bank. She loves animals and enjoys taking care of them. Kaitlyn enjoys reading and playing games such as Lilo and Stitch. She does best in a structured education setting. Kaitlyn craves attention and likes to make others happy. Kaitlyn is very vocal about her needs and desires. She understands adoption and has a strong desire to find her forever family! She wants to be loved unconditionally and feel accepted by a family to call her own.

Introducing Faith and Kaitlyn! These two sisters are kind and friendly. Faith is the oldest and sometimes takes on the role of a mother. She is the caregiver of the sibling group. Faith likes being updated on things that are happening that have to do with her and her sister. Faith takes on many responsibilities and hopes to remain in a home with her younger sister. Kaitlyn and Faith get along very well with each other and are very bonded. They look out for each other and will quickly help one another whenever possible. Faith and Kaitlyn are very loving and affectionate and are very excited to get adopted Faith and Kaitlyn hope to remain together and find a forever family that loves and supports them. They enjoy hanging out together and are not only sisters but friends as well.

Kaitlyn will do best in a family with a long with her older sibling Faith. Her forever family will require patience and utilize positive reinforcement with her. She will need consistency with schedules and boundaries in the home. She would love a family who has dogs and supports her goals of becoming a teacher. Kaitlyn will thrive in a family with structure, boundaries, and lots of love

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