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Kason from Texas



from Texas

Kason is a super cute kid with a large imagination! He loves Pokemon and computer games. He also loves action figures, and dressing up as Spiderman and other cool superheroes. Kason considers himself a good and strong person. His favorite subject in school is Art. He also enjoys recess. His favorite hobbies include coloring, outdoor play, video and computer games, watching movies and playing with Pokemon cards. He is able to focus much more when doing something that interest him, such as coloring or drawing. Kason has a quick smile and enjoys interacting with his peers. Kason does require more supervision and frequent reminders to ensure he is always being nice to his peers and making safe choices. It may take Kason a little longer to establishing a trusting relationship with adults. He loves receiving positive attention and thrives off of positive reinforcement. He can be empathetic and nurturing. He likes routine and does his best with clear boundaries and structure. He requires frequent reminders to help him stay on task both at home and at school. He is eager to please and loves helping others. Kason needs to feel that he belongs to a family and that his family will not give up on him, especially when he is testing their commitment to him. He sometimes shows his sadness through his actions. He needs lots of love, comprehension, and time to show his true potential. With a strong support system, love, nurturing, patience, consistent parenting and structure, Kason will thrive and accomplish his goals.

Kason will do best in a two-parent home with a large support system in place. He needs a patient and loving family that will provide consistency, supervision, and structure. His family will need to be ready to provide therapeutic services for him and be very involved with his education. He does well around calm pets. It would be ideal if he was an only child, or if the other children in the home were much older, such as teenagers.

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