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Kayla from Texas



from Texas

Kayla is a very social and bubbly teen. She is affectionate and fun to be around. She would make a great big sister. Kayla enjoys cooking, organizing things, and is helpful around the home. Kayla enjoys telling jokes, being silly, and interacting with other adults and children. Kayla loves teenage things such as hair, nails, and make-up. She also enjoys roller skating, swimming, riding bicycles, playing outside, listening to music, and watching TV. She collects stuffed animals. Kayla would like to go to college to become a veterinarian technician. She especially loves dogs, finds them therapeutic, and enjoys talking to animals if no one else is around. Kayla is very self-aware, humble, likable, eager to please others, and apologetic when she makes mistakes.

Kayla will do well in a home with either one or two parents and with or without siblings in the home. It is important for Kayla to know she is loved, feel included, and can contribute to the family. She thrives on a healthy balance of nurture and structure. Hearing words of affirmation and praise are very beneficial to her. Kayla would enjoy being with a family where she is able to laugh and spend quality time together. She does well with boundaries and positive reinforcements that affirms her status. Kayla has benefitted from having phone contact with siblings, friends, and other emotional supports she has made along the way in foster care.

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