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Kayla from Texas



from Texas

Kayla is a very social and bubbly girl! She enjoys telling jokes, being silly and receiving lots of attention. Kayla loves typical "girly" teenage things such as hair, nails, and make-up. Kayla thrives on a healthy balance of nurture and structure. Hearing words of affirmation and praise are very beneficial to her. She benefits from having firm rules and boundaries she is aware of. Kayla tends to thrive with individual attention. She loves music and listening to her music can help calm her during times of frustration or when she is upset. Kayla also enjoys roller skating, swimming, and watching TV. She can have a messy room at times, but she also enjoys cleaning, picking up, and organizing her things. Kayla loves her stuffed animals and enjoys playing with make-up and nail polish. Kayla will benefit from having some positive influences and role models to help guide her.

Kayla needs a two-parent home with an active daily schedule and lots of structure. She will benefit from parents who have high patience and are engaging and attentive. They should be energetic and secure in their parenting as well as their relationship. Kayla needs to be the only child in the home. She will do well with a family pet. Kayla would enjoy getting to spend a lot of quality time with her parents together, but also individual time with them. Her forever family will help her learn age appropriate life skills and be patient with her while she continues to process her past. A family who can help her continue to identify and utilize her coping skills will be the most successful.

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