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King from Texas



from Texas

King is a happy and quiet young boy who stays to himself. He likes playing with toy cars, Legos, tambourines, other instruments, and any toy with wheels. It takes a while for him to get adjusted to new individuals and surroundings. He is non-verbal and does very well when given one on one attention. Since he has been developing his communication skills, you will hear lots of cueing. He loves food. His favorite foods consist of chocolate, pizza, and chicken nuggets. Things that make King laugh includes, him playing with toys of his choosing, food, love, dancing, and holding hands. The best way to communicate with King, is show and tell and constant repetition. King will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

King would do great in a two-parent home. King's forever family will learn with him as he grows. His family will be understanding and willing to work with his needs. His family will be resourceful and supportive of him and all his needs.

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