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Korinthian from Texas



from Texas

Korinthian has a very curious nature and loves to exchange in a good conversation. He can be shy at first, but once he warms up and becomes comfortable with you he is very charming and personable. When Korinthian isn't inside playing video games, he likes to be outside playing with his Hot Wheels cars and learning new facts about cars and trucks. He also enjoys some down time by staying inside and watching funny movies or cartoons. Some of his favorite foods include pizza, chicken, and hamburgers! Korinthian is all about trust and consistency. He initiates conversation when he feels comfortable enough and he isn't shy about sharing his wants and needs.

When it comes to a family for Korinthian, he will do best in a two-parent home or single parent home. He will benefit from being the youngest child or having children the same age as him in the home. Korinthian will thrive in a family who encourages him to do well in school and to pursue extra activities. His family will provide love, understanding, and patience as he might take a while to warm up to people. Korinthian will also benefit from a structured home environment, in order to feel safe and comfortable.

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