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Kuea from Texas



from Texas

Kuea is a very bright teen that loves to laugh and make jokes. She has such a quirky sense of humor and encourages others to be happy through laughter. The way to Kuea's heart is through animals. She loves all types of animals and enjoys taking care of them. Her favorite animal is dogs. Kuea is a Christian who enjoys attending church as well as reading the bible. She wishes to be in a choir at a church as singing is also something she enjoys. Kuea is a fast learner and picks up on all the new songs. She enjoys singing and dancing with others. Kuea enjoys coloring and crafts as being able to make things brings peace to her. Kuea is willing to try anything at least once. She is brave and will step out of the crowd to defend others when she feels there is unfair treatment. She is very active and will engage in new activities. Kuea has dreams of becoming a veterinarian one day so that she can care for animals. She is a loveable teen that wants to be valued and loved in a family one day. Kuea has an interest in learning more about her cultural history and finding something that helps her identify who she is as she is of "Pacific Islander" ethnicity.

Kuea's forever family is one that engages with her and provides her with love and support. Her family will be accepting of her and will advocate for her through her struggles and any adversities that she may face. Her family will not shy away from any challenges that Kuea may deal with, as she continues to navigate through her trauma. Kuea will flourish with a family that is able to provide a safe place to allow Kuea to grow. A family that has a passion for animals would be a plus as Kuea loves animals.

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