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Kyler from Texas



from Texas

Kyler can melt hearts with his smile. He is happy-go-lucky boy most of the time. Kyler is very talkative and creative.He has a vivid imagination. He loves attention and to engage with the adults around him. He asks lots of questions and made-up stories. Kyler has a great amount of energy and an eagerness for fun and play. Kyler is "all boy" and loves to be outside. He will entertain himself in almost any context, from being alone playing in his room with toys to being with other children. Although he spends time playing alone, he is very social and prefers to be in the middle of a group talking and playing vigorously & vociferously. Kyler can be a social butterfly and at times, Kyler struggles to keep from talking to his peers in school. Kyler would be a great addition to any family!

The ideal family for Kyler will be very patient and nurturing. His family will also teach him expectations, rules, and boundaries; and focus early on building trust and attachment. Kyler will do well with plenty of individual interaction. He needs parents who are very active and will provide him the time he needs, especially initially. Kyler is a social boy and will thrive in a family who also loves to be in the middle of the action, but still provides him safety and security. Kyler would love to experience travel and perhaps the great outdoors with his family. He will benefit greatly from a family who will keep him involved in structured activities and who have a structured schedule. Kyler would flourish in a single mom family. Kyler has a lot of love to give and can't wait to find his forever home!

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