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Lacey from Texas



from Texas

Lacey is a sweet, funny and resilient young lady with a big heart. She likes to make an excellent first impression and tries very hard. She loves to sing, try new things, and write. She has recently become interested in fashion and expressing herself by how she dresses. Lacey has a very keen memory and is reliable in helping other's recall important details and parts of conversation. She has labeled herself as a chatterbox. Lacey likes having her nails painted and hair done. She has recently expressed an interest in makeup and has started wearing some. Even though Lacey is not a huge sports fan she loves playing different sports during her athletic period at school. She is outspoken and not afraid to stand up when people make unhealthy choices. Her favorite foods are pizza, chicken spaghetti and sandwiches. Although lately she has been trying new types of food and recently learned she likes Chinese food. She loves going on outings and interacting with people.

Lacey' forever family will consist of a one or two parent home. Her family will be a loving and caring family. She wants to be able to do activities as a family. Her family will enjoy going to church and on outings.

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