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Lakisha from Texas



from Texas

Lakisha is an engaging and effervescent girl that is ready to take on the next adventure in her life, meeting a forever family. She is a kind, sweet and friendly young girl. She is full of life and keeps others active with her. Lakisha knows what she wants and is persistent in her convictions as she is determined to make it happen. Her zest for life makes life glide by as she enjoys being busy with activities. Whether it's outside or inside she is ready to learn about all the fun things life can provide. Lakisha enjoys dressing up, dabbling in makeup, and dancing. When she wants a break to wind down from a busy day, she will gladly stay inside to play video games on her Nintendo DS but also to test her brain with puzzles. Lakisha does well in school and takes guidance well from those who are assisting her. She's excited to find her forever family and experience different activities with them!

Lakisha's forever family will be one that is able to provide her with individualized attention. She will thrive in a home where she can be the youngest child, only child, or in a home where there is a considerable age gap between her and the oldest child. She is open to any single or two-parent households. Lakisha's family will advocate for her education and ensure she is getting the assistance she needs. She would also love a family who will do various activities with her, as she loves staying busy and is always on the go! She would love a family to play basketball with, go swimming with or just hang out at the house with for a Tuesday night game night. Lakisha will need a loving family who will be there to guide her throughout her life and teach her how to make good choices. She will need parents that will advocate and push her to achieve all her educational goals. She will benefit from a loving family who will set clear boundaries and provide her with plenty of structure, love, and nurturing. She will need time to trust and bond with the family. Lakisha will do best in a consistent, structured, and predictable environment, where she knows the expectations.

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