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Lamonty from Texas



from Texas

Lamonty, who prefers to go by her nickname Monty, is very energetic and is always on the move. She is athletic and loves the outdoors. On sunny days, she enjoys riding her bike and scooter. She also enjoys playing basketball, soccer, and roller skating. Some of her other interests include karate and cheerleading. She is currently on a cheerleading squad which she enjoys tremendously. Some of her favorite foods are eggs, bacon, sausage, tacos, and green beans with lots of bacon. She likes school and her favorite subjects are reading, math, and social studies. She enjoys being in the kitchen and learning to cook and create recipes.

Brittny and Lamonty share a unique bond with one another. Both children are active, energetic, and bring a smile to everyone they meet. Lamonty is the eldest of the two and has a sparkling personality. She is athletic and enjoys a variety of sports, including cheerleading basketball. Brittny is the youngest and is more reserved than her older sister. Some of her hobbies are completing arts and crafts projects, dancing, and drawing. Together, both girls enjoy attending church and helping out in the kitchen. Lamonty loves learning new recipes and Brittny enjoys helping make breakfast. These girls are excited and ready to meet their forever family.

Lamonty is anxiously awaiting her forever family! She will do best with a traditional family. Lamonty will benefit from a home with a consistent and structured environment that will make her feel safe and secure. The ideal family who will encourage her to do the best she can in her daily activities. Lamonty will benefit from a family who enjoys participating in outdoor activities and will support her in playing sports.