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Lamonty from Texas



from Texas

Lamonty is a teenager who enjoys having all the attention focused on her. She prefers to go by her nickname Monty. Even though she is attention focused, she enjoys being alone and can easily entertain herself. Lamonty enjoys arts and crafts. She loves to draw to help her relax. She loves music, especially when she is upset, as it helps to calm her down. She enjoys social media and video games, spending time on her Tablet. Lamonty is a big gamer, competitive, likes to win, and can spend hours playing Nintendo Switch. She also enjoys sports and being outdoors. She has participated in track, volleyball, and cheerleading. She also enjoys going to church for worship service. She enjoys being in the kitchen, learning how to cook different dishes; she especially likes pancakes at breakfast time. Some other favorite foods are chicken strips with French fries, bacon and eggs.

Lamonty would do best with a traditional two-parent family. She would benefit from a home that has consistency and structure in the environment. She needs a family that will support and encourage her in her daily activities. She would do best with an active family that enjoys sports and outdoor activities.

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