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Latraevia from Texas



from Texas

Latrevia is a smart and helpful young youth who's looking to meet her forever family. She has a caring heart and truly enjoys being around those she is close with. She loves animals and reading books about anything that interest her. She also enjoys spending quality time with those for whom she cares about. Latraevia can be very nurturing and at times and can go out of her way to assist someone close to her. She enjoys being the center of attention and can experience some difficulties sharing her attention with others. She can require consistent redirection when following through with a task. Latrevia can become upset when redirected but is open and listening when things are explained in detail to her. She can be persistent in her desires, which shows her determination, but can also result in her becoming frustrated when things do not go in her favor. Latrevia likes to stay active and experience activities with those whom she is close. She loves gymnastics, shopping and her favorite color is purple.

Latrevia's forever family will be committed to provide her with patience, structure and endless love. Her family will provide her the one on one attention of which she longs. Her forever family will be understanding and supportive with Latrevia during her transition and while she continues to process her past. They will provide Latrevia with clear expectations and fair consequences within the home. The family will need to offer positive re-enforcement, guidance and supervision. Her family will be able to provide Latrevia with a sense of security and safety in the years to come.

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