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Leon from Texas



from Texas

Leon is a strong-minded, determined, and dynamic youth. He loves sports, preferably football and basketball and would enjoy attending professional sporting events. Leon is a playful teenager who enjoys video games, but he also likes to do outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, and swimming. His favorite food is seafood, and he loves crawfish! Leon is an intelligent young man. He loves to have conversations and ask a lot of questions to get a deeper understanding. He is interested in figuring out how things work and likes to take on challenging tasks. Leon likes to listen to music and doesn't mind sharing a tune of his own. He is responsible with his finances and likes to save his money. He is a very social youth and interacts well with other children and adults.

Leon's forever family will provide him with structure, boundaries, and accountability. He will do best with a family that has experience. Additionally, his family will handle behaviors in a calm manner.

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