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Levias from Texas



from Texas

Levias is a very active young boy who loves God and sharing stories or songs about God. Levias loves to sing, dance, and play video games. He also loves outdoor activities such as fishing, swimming, and camping. Levias enjoys arts and crafts and uses them as a coping technique when he is upset or stressed. He is very imaginative and tells creative stories to anyone who will listen. Initially, Levias can be slow to trust, but once he feels he can trust you he builds a loving relationship with you. He is extremely intelligent and does well in self-contained environments. Levias has a friendly, caring, loving, affectionate, smart, and creative personality. If you ask him what his favorite foods are, he will tell you honey buns and pizza! Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Deep East Texas.

Levias will benefit from a structured home that encourages tranquility. A patient, but firm, caregiver will be idea for Levias as he adjusts to his forever family. He responds well to schedules and consistent redirection.

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