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Lilliella from Texas



from Texas

Lilliella is an energetic, outgoing young teen! She enjoys being active and participating in activities that help her learn. Lilliella is curious about literature, animals, and science. She does not hesitate to ask questions and isn't shy. Lilliella enjoys conversation regarding food, animals, books, art, poetry, and basically anything that has to do with literature. She enjoys arts and crafts, and she loves going swimming. She also enjoys indoor games, board games, writing or drawing in her free time, or hanging out with friends. Lilliella is a youth who can easily sit with anyone and enjoy conversations with them about history or modern-day events. She does well in school, especially if she is interested in a topic. Lilliella is very respectful and polite when she first meets you and is helpful around the home.

Lilliella will thrive in a family who is engaged in learning about the environment! She will benefit from a family who is engaged in quality time and goes on adventures learning about science. Lilliella would like to join a family with sisters or bothers, preferably sisters, in the home. She is family oriented and a family with less than two other children in the home will work better for her. Lilliella has older sisters, who are not a part of this adoption, that she wishes to continue to maintain contact with.

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