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Logan from Texas



from Texas

Logan is a sweet and lovable child. He enjoys playing outside, and when inside, he spends his time playing with blocks, Legos, Minecraft and any toy that makes sound and has lights. He likes superheroes and action-figure toys. Logan enjoys playing on his tablet, looking at google maps and the different buildings he finds. He enjoys going to school and benefits from support services. He is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. His foster parent describes Logan as very helpful and loving. He loves to follow her around. He can make his bed and pick up his toys. He is learning boundaries. Logan has no food allergies and likes to eat pizza, hotdogs and chicken nuggets, but his favorite is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He can be a very picky eater at times.

Logan's forever family will help him grow to his fullest capacity. His family will be patient and understanding and will love him unconditionally. His family will reassure him that he is safe in the home. He would do well in a home by himself or with older children and pets.

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