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Loki from Texas



from Texas

Loki is a video game enthusiast with a passion for virtual work. He is often nestled behind a control, navigating the pixelated landscapes, completing questing and forming alliances with his friends. Outside of video games, Loki brings his creativity to life. He loves to think of new ways to complete tasks. You can find him creating characters and storylines to go with them. Loki loves the wild wind of roller coasters and loves to go to amusement parks. He is full of life and excitement. He loves to make people laugh with jokes and telling stories. Loki is navigating the rides at the amusement park, playing games or making inside jokes with his friends. Loki is a mix of thrill-seeker and confidence, bringing light to his relationships with his friends and family.

Loki would love a family who enjoys going outside. He would also love a family who enjoys playing video games with him. Loki would love to be with a family who has animals and enjoys going to the movies, arcades and theme parks.

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